Scientific papers acknowledging the MIOS project

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李傲, 李国主, 宁百齐, 杨思朋, & 万卫星. (2018). 长时间流星不均匀体母体特征个例研究. 空间科学学报, 38(3), 342-350.

杨思朋, 武志, 陈文志, 李国主. 相位校正方法以及流星位置获取方法[P]. (In English: Yang, S., Wu, Z., Li, G. A technique for phase calibration of interferometric radar system based on optical-meteor result. Patent.)

杨思朋, 陈文志, 武志, 李国主. 具备高精度时间戳的流星视频采集处理器[P].(In English: Yang, S., Chen, W., Wu, Z., Li, G. A video frame grabber with high precision GPS time inserter. Patent.)

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