Space Environment Observatory

Prof. Dr. Guozhu Li

Lab leader

ResearcherID (D-4322-2009)

ORCiD (0000-0002-7669-3590)

The main research works of Space Environment Observatory IGGCAS focus on new method development in geospace environment observation technology and their related scientific data analysis, to address key scientific questions in space physics. Particular efforts are being made to achieve international sharing and broader utilization of scientific data. The Space Environment Observatory plays an important role in making significant contributions toward the development of ground-based observation networks for space environment research in China.

Under the support of Chinese Academy of Sciences, NSF of China and Chinese Meridian Project, a lot of instruments (e.g., GNSS scintillation/TEC receivers, DPS4d and portable digital ionosonde, VHF radar, all-sky meteor radar) used for ionosphere, middle and upper atmosphere have been developed and deployed at our field stations, e.g., Sanya (18.3N/109.6E), Guilin (25.2N, 110.2E), Wuhan (30.5N,114.3E), Beijing (40.3N,116.2E), and Mohe (53.5N/122.3E) in recent years. To get a better understanding of regional occurrence characteristics of ionospheric disturbances and irregularities, and of meteoroids entering the Earth’s atmosphere, we are building an ionospheric observation network (IONISE, and a meteor multi-wavelength observation system (MIOS, in Southern China and adjacent regions. If you are interested in scientific cooperation in the study of ionosphere and meteor, or data request, please contact us.

Our research group is actively recruiting postdoctoral research associate, and international and domestic students. We are especially interested in students who have a background in physics and mathematics, astronomy, electrical/optical engineering, and wish to pursue research in ionosphere and meteor astronomy.